Laloo’s Goat’s Milk Strawberry Darling

by Rodzilla on October 4, 2010 · 11 comments

It’s getting quite chilly here in Western PA, but ice cream season isn’t quite over yet. Come to think of it, ice cream season is never over. There is a reason that your grocer’s freezer isles are still filled with delicious frozen desserts during the fall and winter months: I’m supposed to review them.

“Swirls of Balsamico with Strawberries in Sweet Cream”

I first came across Laloos when browsing on second scoop. Dubba gave a pretty stellar review of the stuff, so when I saw it on sale at Whole Foods for $5 as opposed to the normal $7, I decided to give it a shot.

I wasn’t sure what to expect; I’d only ever had goats cheese before and half expected to be met with a similar tangy type flavor. I cracked the lid.

Wow. They weren’t kidding about the balsamico. This was a heavy handed swirl that gave an almost overwhelming scent. I now feared this stuff would taste like straight vinegar mixed with goat cheese tang.
So I took a spoonful 1/8th pintful fearing the worst. Instead, I tasted something amazing.
-The base itself has a creamy enough consistency. It isn’t like Haagen Daaz or the like but that has to do with the much lower fat content.
-There is no goat cheese tang, you wouldn’t be able to tell this was made with any alternative dairy form if it was not mentioned.
-The balsamic itself is definitely not a background flavor, it’s sweet and savory in the best sense..definitely vinegary, but pairs well with mellower strawberry base and frozen strawberry chunks.
My original plan was to photograph this, maybe try a bite, and then do the tasting later. That didn’t work out. As soon as I took a bite I had to have a serving. The entire pint barely lasted two days.
Aside from amazing flavor, there’s another benefit to Laloo’s ice cream. They’re light. The nutrition facts put it with the likes of the lighter frozen dairy desserts, then the ingredients set them a notch above.  I’m an “everything fits” proponent when it comes to dietary habits, but sometimes it’s nice to “fit” more. Honestly a lighter ice cream is not supposed to taste this good. 

Overall, I don’t think this ice cream could get much better. It will definitely be a repeat purchase even at $5+. If you see it on sale, stock up.

Grade: A+

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1 Matt

i saw that on foodcrafters the other day. as soon as they said strawberry balsamic and goats milk in the same thought i knew i had to try it, but havent been able to find it! whole foods carries it though?

2 Nicholas

2 days? I'm surprised a pint lasts past 20 minutes.

3 Julie

thanks for this review – this is definitely the type of product I would actually seek out!

4 Dubba

do I lose blogger cred if I didnt know what balsamico was? (I probably could have guessed though)

Laloo's is very cool, but it's NEVER on sale at Shaws, it's always $7, so thanks for the review, I've been feeling pretty guilty about not trying the other flavors.

5 Rodzilla

Matt – Yep. I found this at Whole Foods
Nick – I try to restrain my inner fatty :p, when he comes out…he's a monster.
Julie – sure thing! I do hope you enjoy.
Dubba – This is definitely the next one I'd try. I've still got to sample the rumplemint.

6 Whitney

I think I will be heading over to whole paycheck tomorrow to purchase this!

7 Zelda55

just picked up strawberry darling on sale for $2.99 at whole foods…if i like what i taste, i'll prob stock up now while it's that cheap. thx for the review/heads up.

8 Zelda55


i gotta say that i can't believe this stuff is 130 cals per 1/2 cup. it tastes great. it's not overly sweet because it has this balsamico swirl that gives it a unique tart counter to the sweeter strawberry base and pieces. i was also happy with my a la mode accompaniments of trader joe's vanilla almond granola and some sliced banana.

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