Laloo’s Goat’s Milk Deep Chocolate

by Rodzilla on October 15, 2010 · 4 comments

After trying heaven in a pint a.k.a Strawberry Darling, I knew I had to try more of LaLoo’s goat’s milk offerings.

Now generally when I’m grabbing a pint I don’t reach for a straight up chocolate flavor; they just strike me as boring. This I had higher hopes for, especially after reading that it was made with Scharffen Berger’s 77% dark cacao.

So I strolled to the checkout isle and dropped the $7, for this one pint of ice cream – a price that would easily buy two B&J or Haagen-Dazs elsewhere.

I popped the top and did a bit of digging – A little disappointed. I know there wasn’t any particular mention but I had hoped for some sort of swirl, or cacao nib, maybe even gold leaf shavings at this price point. This was just..boring.


So I get over my initial dissapointment and go for my first spoonful. Oh man, apparently the goat that made this pint was lactating locust bean gum. This stuff is seriously gummy, like Edy’s frozen dairy desserts gummy.  That’s not something I mind when I’m expecting it, but it seemed out of place here.

The flavor itself is good, really good. That Sharffen fellow seems to know his chocolate. The name Deep Chocolate gives the impression of dark, this actually a semi-sweet and quite pleasant.

Nutritionally it’s on the same grounds as many lighter ice creams, and I would put it a notch above said ice creams in terms of taste/quality ingredients.

Grade: C try it if you’re in a spendy mood, otherwise…
The only reasons to pick this up:
- You are lactose intolerant
- You’re trying to impress the cashier by dropping $7 on a pint of ice cream.

Neither of these are particularly good reasons. Take some lactaid, and realize that the hipster chick at the whole foods checkout is more impressed by a beat up fixie than anything of monetary value.

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1 Jon Yuhas

"Lactating locust bean gum." Hahaha

2 fitto13

pshh $7? … that's normal for any ice cream here.
cheapest (but crappiest) is about $5.
you can be paying $11 for premium 500ml tubs?!!?

shame it was so gummy though. that is not good in an ice cream…not even the light ones.

3 foodjunk

Not a fan of the gummy ice cream. Sure looks great though.

4 Rodzilla

Jon Yuhas is an employee at a local custard spot. Perhaps I'll be dropping by his spot for a review soon.

Fitto – well if other premium ice creams all cost $7, I wouldn't mention it :) and I would glady pay some top dollar for the ice cream on offer down under. Hokey Pokey and Sticky Rice..I mean C'mon.

fj – yeah, I can do it when I'm expecting it with edys and the like, but not with premiums and the like

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