Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake

by Rodzilla on October 29, 2010 · 6 comments

Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream with a Graham Cracker Swirl

Stop it. Quit pretending that you’re sick of seeing me review ice cream. Did you honestly think I was going to only pick up one of the Ben & Jerry’s limited batch offerings? That would be downright neglectful in the review blogging world.

Pumpkin cheesecake sounded tasty enough, but rather unexciting. A base flavor with a sole swirl seemed atypical of the generous amounts of mix-ins I’ve come expect from a pint of B&J.

Top popped and mixed around

With the lack of mix-ins, I was expecting to find some massive swirl of graham cracker:  not so.  I dug around for a good bit and still had trouble finding the elusive swirl.

There it is

When I finally did find it, I was pretty let down by how thin it was, but withheld judgement until I saw how the graham contributed to the overall taste.

I’ve got to say this might be one of my favorite base flavors ever. The consistency is very creamy as expected. I tasted pumpkin first, followed by a mild but noticeable sweet cheesecake flavor. This isn’t the tangy-yogurty type of cheesecake flavor that others have mentioned in cheese-cake brownie version.

The graham cracker swirl is great. A nice powdery texture and a great graham taste, but just as I feared there isn’t nearly enough of it.

For the calorie counters

Grade: B+

This may be one of my favorite base flavors of B&J ice cream, but the lack of mix ins knocked it down a notch. I would have liked a bigger graham cracker swirl, and perhaps some additional pie crust pieces. As it is, I’d still suggest picking up a pint; just also grab something to add for texture.

For another take check out awful food’s review

I doctored it up a bit myself by adding pecan honey bunches of oats and peeps pieces. Highly recommended.

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1 approacheszero

Hey there Rodzilla. Wow, I remember getting a lot more graham cracker swirl in the pint I found of this stuff. It really does add to that amazing base flavor like you mentioned. The horrifying thing is that I haven't been able to find this, or the carrot cake flavor again since my original purchase. :(

2 Rodzilla

I see you beat me to this review as well! Hopefully my first pint was an outlier. Fearing a similar situation to yours I made sure to grab 2 of each flavor. Hope you can find another one.

3 Anonymous

Ive noticed its hit or miss with all B & J flavors in regards to mix ins.
Its like there is either a ton, or you get jack sh*t.
All flavors except for cinnamon buns that is. Always perfection.

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