Ben & Jerry’s Carrot Cake

by Rodzilla on October 20, 2010 · 20 comments

Caramel Ice Cream with Carrot Cake Pieces& a Cream Cheese Frosting Swirl

When I first heard that B&J had released a limited edition Carrot Cake, I could not believe my ears. Carrot Cake is one of my favorite’s, and if you’ve read this site before you may have noticed I have a thing for ice cream.

I suspected the flavor may be a Walmart exclusive, which I confirmed with a call to B&J’s consumer services. My local Walmart does not have the best ice cream selection, but I decided to call them anyway just in the offhand chance that they did. I was connected with the frozen food department. I asked; I waited; they had it. Shit just got real.

After scooping out a serving.

I was scheduled to work at the gym that evening, there was no way I could get to Walmart and make it back in time for my shift. Luckily, my amazing friend Katy was planning a grocery expedition herself and was willing to pick this up for me.

At this point I became scared. No, not because I called B&J’s once, Walmart twice, and sent Katy around fifteen texts for updates on my ice cream (it’s not disordered, it’s dedication). I was scared because I thought my expectations may be too high. I didn’t want another Snickerdoodle or worse, target selections.

Spoon Shot
Carrot Cake Pieces

Luckily this ice cream turned out to be fantastic.
-The caramel base is the same as the cinnamon buns, I wasn’t sure it would work with carrot cake, but it does. It’s mild enough to still let the carrot cake flavor come through, and adds a bit of extra sweetness.
-Cream cheese frosting swirl: hell yes. This was perfect, sweet with a bit of tang to compliment the rest of mix ins.
That brings us to the cake pieces themselves, which did not disappoint. They are legit carrot cake, not just some cakey offshoot with carrot cake flavoring.

For the nutrition crowd. One of B&Js lighter offerings.

Grade: A
I’m having a hard time deciding between this and cinnamon buns as the top caramel base flavor. I think the cream cheese frosting swirl is pulling me towards the Carrot Cake (I’m pretty sure it is). The only reason not to grab several of  these would be if you detest carrot cake, in which case I would still recommend you try at least one. Well done Ben & Jerry’s

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1 vietgoboi

Give B&J Strawberry cheese cake a go.

2 Kim Valentine

Hauling my butt to Walmart for the second time ever because of you.

3 Rodzilla

Viet – I've had it, I like it. Carrot Cake trumps it.

Kim – you won't be disappointed :D

4 fitto

Wow, that sounds really good Rod!
Cream cheese swirl? I mean, c'mon! Awesome.
Loving the reviews mate. Keep them up.

So limited edition and it's getting great raves.. will that mean they'll consider bringing it out as a standard flavour in your opinion? Have they done that in the past at all.

IIRC you still want the infamous oatmeal cookie chunk (is that what it's called?)…hopefully you review that one!

5 Anonymous

@fitto: Oatmeal Cookie is disgusting in comparison to Carrot Cake, or 80% of the B & J flavors in general.

@OP: If you havent tried pumpkin cheesecake, do so. The Carrot Cake base is identical, but the Pumpkin cheesecake doesnt really have any mix-ins :/
still great though

6 Rodzilla

Fitto – thanks! Sadly I doubt they'll make it a standard flavor. Perhaps seasonal.

Anon – OP as in original Poster? You've outed yourself. I actually have pumpkin cheesecake right next to carrot cake in the freezer; I'll try it as well, but the carrot cake called me first.

7 foodjunk

How has Ben & Jerry's not done this sooner? It seems so obvious. The real carrot cake pieces are impressive.

8 Eric

Carrot cake = Ehhhh…
Cream cheese swirl = Instant buy!

9 Nicholas

Always loved carrot cake with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting, too bad I can't find this in Philly :(

10 Rtiller35

Kroger makes a great carrot cake ice cream too, yumm.

11 Rodzilla

FJ – The carrot cake is great, but it's definitely the cream cheese swirl that makes this ice cream.

Eric – I think you'll be pleased with this carrot cake

Nick – worth the drive to Pitt.

Rt – if I'm ever in the vicinity of a kroger's I'll have to check it out.

12 Mark D. (sugarpressure)

I have to admit, I've only looked in the ice cream section when you say there's a good ice cream there. I will definitely have to try this!

13 BlueStateWatchdog

Scooped out a serving? You don't mean grabbed a spoon and went to town until it disappeared?

14 Anonymous

I recently tried this flavor. I enjoy real carrot cake and was excited to try this. However, while the ice cream was interesting, I lost interest after the first two spoonfuls. I was very repetitive and the cream cheese swirls were disappointing, but really the only redeeming quality.

I would give it a C-.

15 mary ann barnotes

what wal-mart do i find carrot cake ice cream or where ever. i live in oaklawn, illinois. thank you. mab

16 Andrea

They also make an AWESOME Red Velvet Cake ice cream!! A friend sent me a website where you can order ice cream and have it sent to your house!! I just finished my pint of Red Velvet…….to die for doesn’t begin to exsplain it!!!!

17 booboo


18 Nicola

OMG I LOVE carrot cake! Just found this review and want some sooo bad! I live in the UK and B&J flavours are limited, only 14 in total; most contain nuts which i hate so i only really love the cookie dough. I wish they would bring more flavours and hopefully carrot cake mmmm

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