Arctic Zero Chocolate and Vanilla

by Rodzilla on September 15, 2010 · 14 comments

You may have heard of arctic zero, the low calorie frozen dessert that allows you to eat the entire pint guilt free. So you can eat the whole pint for 150 calories, yes. You know what else you can do with 150 calories? Eat ten sugar free popsicles, or fifteen sugar free jellos…so you see, high volume and low calorie isn’t always quite so appealing.

But back to the Arctic Zero, you must be wondering if it actually has any semblance to ice cream, and if so, do I recommend it.

You may have noticed the two different pints. There isn’t much difference except that the older (on the right) used the sweetener wheylow, whereas the new flavors use organic cane sugar. They’ve made a few switches with the various gums and thickening agents they use as well..but I didn’t notice any major differences in consistency.

Texture: Airy, fluffy, guar gummy. This stuff is light, I mean super light.  When frozen solid it’s a bit on the icy side, somewhere between a frozen whipped topping and a popsicle.  The trick with these is to let them sit out for a bit, as they soften they’re a lot more like soft serve, and the texture is rather enjoyable.  There is definitely some of that gummy fake fiber type feel to these, but it’s not too offensive.

Taste: We’ll start with chocolate. I’m sure most of you are all familiar with taste of a glass of chocolate milk made with Hershey’s syrup. Now imagine that same flavor, but this time you’re making chocolate water. Now you’re freezing it; adding some thickening agents, and  calling it Arctic Zero Chocolate….not very good. Those actually are rather close to the ingredients: purified water followed by whey protein concentrate, sweeteners, and a boat load of thickeners and fake fibers. The sweetener used for the chocolate was not much help very sweet,  I finished the pint, but I really wasn’t pleased with it.

Vanilla faired much better.  The flavor is actually “vanilla maple” and there was a hint of maple. Apparently vanilla water is a much better pairing. This was much sweeter and at least tasted closer to similar higher calorie products.  I’d eat this one again.

A note on satiety; these aren’t very filling. I mentioned they’re incredibly light and the caloric content is that of a much smaller dessert. I could (and did for this review) go through more than one pint in a sitting. At $4 or more a pint, that would be an expensive way to get calories in.

If you’re looking for a low calorie chocolate dessert, I’d look elsewhere; but if you’re feeling some vanilla and rolling with some dough, go ahead and give Arctic Zero a shot.

Grades: C- Chocolate B Vanilla Maple

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1 Matt

ive been wondering what those are like. good to know.

i think ill still with homemade ice cream and controlled intake haha

2 Scooter4

I suppose I can. ;)

Nice review. Although I will still probably give it a try if I ever come across it, I am definitely not in a hurry.

3 Jessica w.

I love this stuff. Granted it's not ice cream but hell it's got a 10th the calories of Ben and jerry's and it's packed with protein. I heart the chocolate peanut butter.

4 Eric

I was going to try this stuff, but they were out of Chocolate PB last time I went. Thanks for the review.

5 Rodzilla

Scooter – yeah, worth a shot if you're curious, but definitely not a must.

Jess – I've tried the choco PB in the past and found the PB to be way too artificial.

Eric – as above, I'd still go with vanilla over chocolate PB

6 Kim Valentine

Have been wondering about these. Sounds like eating a small amount of chocolate would be much more fulfilling than the lackluster ice cream.

" You know what else you can do with 150 calories? Eat ten sugar free popsicles, or fifteen sugar free jello.."

Great point. SF Fudgesicles aren't bad for 35 or so calories though. Think I'll stick to those or Skinnycow ice cream when I'm looking for an ice cream that's a bit more guiltfree than HD or B&J's.

7 Eric

I would never eat this stuff if I wasn't dieting. Like Kim said, I'd much rather fit a serving of legit ice cream in than an entire pint of the faux stuff. However I have to say some of the Vanilla + almonds + WF Caramel Syrup may may be in my future.

8 Cynthia

I totally agree with you about leaving them out a few minutes before eatting because they soften up. Consistency of the stuff is definitely different than ice cream. But the main draw for me is it's all natural (ie no fake stuff in it) and it's 20 grams of whey protein. Long and short of it, I can eat the whole thing late at night and not feel guilty. I can't do that with anything else.

9 Matt

I tried the chocolate pb version of this today, and i gotta say, for the macros, it wasnt bad! i was surprised with how not-icy it was. it scooped out really smooth for me. the taste was definitely not very strong, and a little more PB than chocolate, but i was happy about that personally

10 Anonymous

The pumpkin spice and coffee are much better!

11 online pharmacies

Low-calorie desserts are good for your health to avoid extra sugar.

12 suburbanite

chocolate peanut butter is where it’s at!

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